Margaret Marshall at daughter's graduation
My husband Harrison and I are the parents of two CMS graduates. Here we are jumping for joy at our daughter Kate’s graduation from Meredith College. We followed up the next year with a “jumping for joy” picture as our youngest, Betsy, graduated from Davidson College. I hope that every CMS student and their families get to take similar pictures at CMS graduations and beyond.

District 5 schools have a reputation for doing two things well:

  • providing solid and strong academics
  • meeting the needs of all students no matter what their academic level or the neighborhood they come from.

Maintaining a commitment to successful programming and staffing in District 5 schools will ensure continued success.

Here are other ideas to help all CMS students—whether they are in District 5 or not:

Focus on the Beginning—When children come unprepared for kindergarten they often never catch up. Investments in the early years pay off!

  • Work with state and local funders to expand CMS pre-k enrollment for low income children in Mecklenburg County by fully funding the 2000 student wait list.
  • Improve third grade reading ability by working with community partners to develop a coordinated birth-to-eight approach.

Reimagine the End—Integrate career prep early in high school to give students a pathway to a good paying job right after graduation or
a head start on their college career.

  • Align curriculum to include courses such as coding and project management.
  • Work with the business community, CPCC and UNCC to provide on the job training, specialized coursework, and internships throughout the school year.
  • Creatively work with CMS staff and community funders to develop facilities that will house specialized career training.