Leadership: Listen and Respond

Andy Calhoun quote about Margaret Marshall for school board

In this edition:

  • Leadership: Listen and Respond
  • Voting Countdown
  • New Endorsements – Charlotte Teachers & Leaders
  • Can You Complete This Week’s Challenge?

How long have you lived in Charlotte?

Voting Countdown 7 27Most of us aren’t native Charlotteans. I moved here for economic opportunity, great climate, and a family-friendly environment. Maybe you have similar reasons?

Our city and our entire educational system are in a period of change. As a 30-year Charlotte resident with a long participation in our public schools, I have context and perspective on “how we got here.” I think that’s essential in navigating “where we need to go.”

I’ve gained first-hand knowledge of the successes and problems encountered in the past, which uniquely equips me to lead CMS in making positive changes—both efficiently and effectively!

My leadership is straight-foward, but strong—I listen and respond. I don’t have all the answers for how to solve every challenge that our community faces. I DO have the willingness to listen with discernment and the dedication to take action to respond.

Knowing that the best ideas for improving our schools often come from those who are active in our classrooms on a daily basis, I will listen and respond to the thoughts and concerns of our students, parents, teachers, and principals.


Charlotte Mecklenburg Association of Educators CMAE endorse Margaret MarshallI am honored to have the support of our Charlotte Teachers. Thank you, CMAE (Charlotte Mecklenburg Association of Educators) for your endorsement!

I also want to highlight some of our Community Leaders who have given me their support and encouragement:

  • Andy Calhoun – Former President and CEO, YMCA Greater Charlotte
  • Dr. Al Cadenhead – Pastor Emeritus, Providence Baptist Church
  • Betty Graham – Former Principal, Sharon Elementary School
  • Susan Daniel – Executive Director, Social Venture Partners
  • Tom Spivey – Former Principal, Myers Park High School
  • Pete Lash – Beacon Partners; Chairman of the Metro YMCA Board of Directors

To view the current list of 200+ endorsements, CLICK HERE.

Can You Complete This Week’s Challenge?

Badge 5 challengeHere’s something you can do this week to help my campaign:

Talk to FIVE of your friends and neighbors who live near you. Tell them who I am. Tell them one reason why you are voting for me. Ask for their support.

That’s it. Five people. Word-of-mouth is a powerful asset. I know you can do this!

7 Actions to Bring Victory on Nov. 7

1.  Visit my website and find the names of your community leaders, friends, and neighbors who are supporting my campaign and are solidly behind me.  Support my campaign HERE to join the list of over 200 supporters!

2.  We’ve got canvassing down to a science, and it’s a great way to get your steps. (You don’t have to knock on doors.)

3.  Poll greeters will welcome voters and hand out palm cards at the polls during early voting and on Election Day. Choose when you want to come out.

4.  Volunteer from the comfort of your pajamas and make phone calls to likely voters. We’ll supply the list for phone banking.

5.  Get a yard sign for your yard and car magnets for your vehicles.

6.  Talk to your friends and neighbors. Good old fashioned word-of-mouth is still one of the best.

7.  Vote! Vote early (starts Oct. 19). Vote absentee. Vote on Nov. 7th. But please VOTE!

You can let us know your interest in Volunteer Opportunities #2-#5 through this easy, online Volunteer Form.

In serving as the District 5 representative on the School Board, I will continue to listen and respond. Thank you for your support and engagement!


MM signature

Margaret Marshall


Education News & Endorsements

Hello everyone,

School is back in session and campaign season for the district seats in the race for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education has kicked into high gear as well.

In this issue:

  • News about CMS and District 5
  • List of Endorsements
  • Campaign Update
  • Yard Signs & Other Ways to Help

CMS and D5 News from My Personal Meetings

In August, I met with CMS Chief Financial Officer Sheila Shirley to discuss how the final state and county funding met CMS’ budget goals.  Overall, the state increased teacher pay by an average of 3% and Mecklenburg County met the request from CMS to match that pay increase to school employees on its payroll. To read more about my conversation, click here.

I also met with Chief Operating Officer Carol Stamper to discuss the 2017 bond proposal.  Our conversation centered on two projects, the proposed “south” high school and the proposed replacement of Lansdowne School.  To read more about my conversation, click here.

My meeting with Patti Johansen, principal at Olde Providence Elementary confirmed that things are going well there.  They will begin to implement a Paideia model this year as well as introduce a new writing program.


Two great things are happening simultaneously for me in this campaign—I am reconnecting with folks I have worked with over the years in educational endeavors and I am meeting new people who are just as committed to education.

Today, I am releasing a list of individuals who have given me financial and verbal support for this endeavor.

One special group of endorsers I would like to highlight is former members of the CMS Board of Education who have held the District 5 seat or At Large seats in years past.

I have known these individuals for many years and have long admired their integrity and their commitment to education.  I would especially like to thank the current occupant of the seat, Eric Davis, for his leadership and his belief in me to do this important work.

Eric Davis – Current District 5 representative

Molly Griffin – Former District 5 representative

John Lassiter – Former At Large representative

John Tate – Former At Large representative

William Rikard – Former At Large representative

Ward McKeithen — Former At Large representative

Join the list supporters by contacting me at info@margaretmarshallsforschoolboard.com

View the full list of current Endorsements here.

Campaign Update

August ushered in the season of forums, homeowners meetings, and meet and greets.

I have spoken with groups such as the Madison Park Homeowners, Sedgefield Homeowners, Black Political Caucus, and the Latin American Chamber of Commerce.

Meet and greets held in constituent homes have begun.  I have loved seeing old friends and new faces in neighborhoods such as Beverly Woods and Morrowick.

Message me at info@margaretmarshallforschoolboard.com to set up a morning or evening meet and greet in your home or for your PTA.  Visit my website to see Upcoming Events.

Getting My Name Out from Dilworth to Hwy 51!

My name isn’t on the ballot until November 7 (early voting starts October 19), but you can help me out by “shaking a sign” at the polls on Primary Day, September 12.

Sign up here on our Sign-up Genius link.

Join the team in a sign blitz on Saturday, September 16.  We will meet at 9a for instructions and a quick bite to eat and then head out to decorate District 5 with yard signs!

Contact me at info@margaretmarshallforschoolboard.com for details.

7 Actions to Bring Victory on Nov. 7

  1. Like my Facebook page and invite your friends to do the same. You’ll be able to keep up with the campaign and education news for D5 and like/comment/share content, all of which helps get my name and message in front of new people. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Get a yard sign for your yard and car magnets for your vehicles.
  3. Host a Meet and Greet, or invite me to speak at your PTA or Homeowners Association (HOA).
  4. Volunteer to help with the campaign.
  5. Make a Donation.
  6. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Good old fashioned word-of-mouth is still one of the best.
  7. Vote! Vote early (starts Oct. 19). Vote absentee. Vote on Nov. 7th. But please VOTE!

You can let me know about your interest in car magnets, yard signs, hosting a Meet and Greet, inviting me to speak at your PTA or HOA, and volunteering with the campaign through this easy, online Volunteer Form.

Thank you,

Margaret Marshall


Thanks for caring about the CMS schools in District 5. For more information about your voting district or to learn more about me, go to www.MargaretMarshallForSchoolBoard.com.
I am committed to using the deep knowledge I have gained over the years as a parent leader in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and as a community advocate for education to make a difference in District 5 and across CMS.
Please remember to vote on November 7!

D5 Deep Dive – August

CMS Chief Financial Officer, Sheila Shirley

In August, I met with CMS Chief Financial Officer, Sheila Shirley to discuss how the final state and county funding met CMS’s budget goals.  Overall, the state increased teacher pay by an average of 3.3% and Mecklenburg County met the request from CMS to match that pay increase to school employees on its payroll.

The County also added an additional six social workers and six counselors for the system. This was much smaller than the combined 60 counseling positions requested in the original budget.

CMS is currently far above the recommended ratios of students to counselors in its elementary, middle, and high schools. Ms. Shirley and I agreed that more counselors and social workers are needed to handle the emotional needs of our students, and I hope that county funders will be able to increase the numbers of these important positions in future budgets.

CMS will be opening 5 schools in 2017-18 and money to cover those expenses and an increase of 753 students has been secured. In total, the CMS budget is funded 59% by the state, 31% by the county, and 10% by federal and other sources.

One piece of news I want to share is that Mecklenburg County has budgeted $6-million to childcare subsidies for low-income families. These funds would be sufficient to cover all of the wait-listed 4 and 5 year olds needing help with childcare. Getting these children into high quality programs will help these children be better prepared for kindergarten. I applaud the County for making this investment in early education.

Chief Operating Officer, Carol Stamper

I also met with Chief Operating Officer, Carol Stamper to discuss the 2017 bond proposal.  Our conversation centered on two projects, the proposed “south” high school and the proposed replacement of Lansdowne School.  Here are the highlights of our conversation:

  • South High School – The bond proposal contains $110 million for a new high school to serve as a relief for Ardrey Kell, South Meck, and Myers Park High School. No land has been purchased for the project at this time as the purchase of the land hinges on the passage of the bond. Talks are ongoing with a number of potential sellers in the area, but no placement decision has been made. The earliest the high school would be open for operation is 2023, assuming all goes as planned. No assignment decisions have been made at this time.
  • Landsdowne/Elizabeth Lane Replacement/Relief – A replacement school for Landsdowne Elementary is on the bond proposal as well. This facility is slated to accommodate additional students attending Elizabeth Lane Elementary. Elizabeth Lane is at capacity and can no longer accommodate additional mobile units. The earliest this project would be delivered is 2021. No assignment decisions have been made at this time.

Principal at Olde Providence Elementary, Patti Johansen

My meeting with Patti Johansen, Principal at Olde Providence Elementary confirmed that things are going well there. They will begin to implement a Paideia model this year as well as introduce a new writing program.






Current & Former School Board Members and Retired Educators
Eric Davis
Molly Griffin
John Tate
John Lassiter
William Rikard
Ward McKeithen
Lea Harkins
Suzanne Cadenhead
Betty Graham
Janet Wade
Dorothy Welling
Tom Spivey

Community, Business, and Philanthropic Leaders
Michelle Estrada Abels
Sophie and Rick Allen
Carolyn Lugo-Allred and Stephen Allred
Darren Ash
Gina and Frankie Ayscue
Isabel Bader
Sarah and Phil Bailey
Kari and Burt Banks
Sadler Barnhardt
Brandi Bartee
Joanne and Steve Beam
Suzan Becker
Johnny Belk
Bonnie and John Benedum
Stephanie Bensinger
Tracey and Joe Bernard
Sean Bird
Elizabeth and Scott Bivens
Jane and Phil Blount
Kristin Bradberry
Cheryl and Lester Bradshaw
Canty and Jeff Brown
Scott and Russell Bryan
Denise and Mike Burkard
Patsy and Bernard Burns
Suzanne and Al Cadenhead
Barbara and Don Caldwell
Joann and Andy Calhoun
Frances and Boyd Campbell
Hilary Canipe
Jill and Simon Cann
Connie and Pete Carlson
Connie and Sid Carpenter
Vivian Carroll
Linda and AT Castillo
Meredith and Will Chapman
Carol and Milt Childress
Courtney and Rob Christensen
Holly and Michael Christian
Pam Clark
Pam Clifford
George and Barbara Climer
Jean and Gene Cochran
Janis and Hunter Cook
Lee and Andy Cooney
Mary Keller and JD Costa
Nancy and Peter Covington
Ann and Bob Cramer
Mary Ann and George Crouch
Richard Cullen
Sarah and Larry Dagenhart
Susan and John Daniel
Debbie and Bruce Darden
Adrianne and Eric Davis
Jennifer Davis-Martin
Michael DeVaul
George Dewey
Lisa and David Dillard
Sharon and Chip Dotson
Minna and Mike Elliott
Emily Elliott
Mark and Joan Erwin
Martha and Eric Eubank
Stephanie and Keith Evans
Mary Lindsay and Jason Evans
Tere and Doug Ey
Nona Fahl
Dalinda and Bill Fairley
Nancy and Ralph Falls
John Fennesbresque
Susan Ferone
Michele and Walter Fisher
Margaret and Jim Ford
Leigh and David Frame
Franklin Freeman
Carla and Jim Gambrell
Missy and Jon Giles
Rakesh and Vidya Gopalan
Laura and Mike Grace
Hilary Greenberg
Bill and Tamara Griffin
Wendy Hackworth
Blanton Hamilton
Traci Hamilton
Kathy and Denny Hammack
Heather and Dana Hanson
Meg Haynes
Barbara and Rick Hazlett
Pat and Ed Hedrick
Rose Herring
Sally Higgins
Kathy Hill
Kathy and Ben Hill
Patricia and John Hoke
Cornelia and Rod Hoover
Carter and Carlie Houchins
Lisa Stockton Howell
Pam Hudson
Jodi Hummer
Martha and Benne Hutson
Parker Ingall
Jonathon Ishee
Jane and Frasier Ives
Josh Jacobson
Katie and Mike James
Georgia and Ken Johnson
Brandi Weathers and Thomas Jones
Susan and Pike Jones
Beth and David Jordan
Garrell Keesler
Jeanne and Brad Kutrow
Fran and Bart Landess
Pete Lash
Beverly and John Lassiter
Eric Laster
Caryn and Richard Lee
Anne and Reid Leggett
Deb and Jud Little
Jack Locke
Jenn and Bryan Loeffler
Lulie and Lynwood Mallard
Mary Anna and Brian Marley
Boleyn McClung
Susan and Mark McCue
Susan McDonough
Grace and Graham McGoogan
Carolyn McGrath
Susan and Loy McKeithen
Ward and Liz McKeithen
Anna Mendenhall
Lindsay and Mark Merritt
Carolyn and Gil Middlebrooks
Karen and David Miller
Missy and Will Miller
Rosie Molinary
Sandra and Luther Moore
Peg and Jim Morgan
Beth Moss
Jean and Jim Moubray
Emily and Will Mullinex
Cheryl Murray
Mary Beth and Paul Navarro
Angela and Chris Nesbit
Marian Nisbet
Christina and Dee O’Dell
Jane and Tim O’Donoghue
Lynn and Bob Osment
Kirsten and Mike Phalen
Denise and Chris Pineno
Kim and David Powell
Christi and Walter Pringle
Melinda and Bob Pryor
Lisa Quisenberry
Lucy and Ken Raynor
Lauren and Rob Reddick
Beth and Ernie Reigel
Virginia Richards
Janis and William Rikard
Jennifer and Manly Roberts
Susan Ross
Debbie Rubenstein
Gennie and Chris Scheurer
Allen Schifflet
Steve and Anne Schmitt
Crystal and Steve Sellers
Mary Settlemyre
Katy and Hugh Shannon
Lisa and Brian Sheltra
Marci and LD Simmons
Caroline and Bob Sink
Beth and Jay Snover
Scottie Stamper
Leslie and Bill Stevenson
Ashley and Charlie Stewart
Tricia and Garland Tam
John and Claire Tate
Mary and John Tinkey
Cathy Thompson
Reeves and Sandy Thompson
Kay and Nick Valoras
LouAnn and Scott Vaughn
Tammy Stringer and Rick Viola
Bunnie and Mike Walker
Melissa and Todd Walker
Lisa and Dean Warren
Mayleng and Alex Watson
Patti and Mark Weber
Lindsay Wells
Pam West
Tess and David Whelpley
Virginia and Ramsey White
Judy and Pete Whiting
Cat and Stuart Whitmire
Barbara and Chuck Williamson
Sheila and Charlie Winborne
Danielle and David Wolpa
Betty Wren
Jodi and Lewis Zbinden
Myra and Bob Zweier