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Thank you!

First, I want to say how proud I am of the number of voters who participated in the electoral process in our district. I have been told all along that District 5 voters participate at much higher levels than the rest of the city.  Many precincts had nearly 30% participation.  I am grateful to live in an area where so many people are engaged, no matter how they voted!

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As I said all along, I am focused on the strength of our schools, because I believe that strong public schools benefit our economy and more importantly our children’s future success.

Everyone has an opinion on schools because of their own personal experience, and believe me, I heard lots of opinions throughout this process.  Some of these problems are fixable in the schoolhouse; some are not.  Having our community engaged in fixing the problems and celebrating successes is the goal.

We have so many incredible students in this area and all over CMS, and I want us all to lift them up and take interest in their journey.  When they are successful, we all are successful.

Nothing great in my life has ever happened without a team.  This team was incredible and had some fun along the way. My “kitchen cabinet” developed and carried out the strategy, and my personal network got the word out and raised their hands to help me out a variety of ways.  I so enjoyed the new people I met throughout the campaign—both stakeholder groups of people who do and do not have children in CMS.  People care about schools around here and I am so grateful for that.

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I am now in the process of “on-boarding.”  I can still be reached through my campaign email info@margaretmarshallforschoolboard.com and I will have other communication channels ready once the new board is installed.  Busy times are ahead but I am ready to begin.

Thanks for your support and look forward to working with you!


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