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Hello everyone,

School is back in session and campaign season for the district seats in the race for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education has kicked into high gear as well.

In this issue:

  • News about CMS and District 5
  • List of Endorsements
  • Campaign Update
  • Yard Signs & Other Ways to Help

CMS and D5 News from My Personal Meetings

In August, I met with CMS Chief Financial Officer Sheila Shirley to discuss how the final state and county funding met CMS’ budget goals.  Overall, the state increased teacher pay by an average of 3% and Mecklenburg County met the request from CMS to match that pay increase to school employees on its payroll. To read more about my conversation, click here.

I also met with Chief Operating Officer Carol Stamper to discuss the 2017 bond proposal.  Our conversation centered on two projects, the proposed “south” high school and the proposed replacement of Lansdowne School.  To read more about my conversation, click here.

My meeting with Patti Johansen, principal at Olde Providence Elementary confirmed that things are going well there.  They will begin to implement a Paideia model this year as well as introduce a new writing program.


Two great things are happening simultaneously for me in this campaign—I am reconnecting with folks I have worked with over the years in educational endeavors and I am meeting new people who are just as committed to education.

Today, I am releasing a list of individuals who have given me financial and verbal support for this endeavor.

One special group of endorsers I would like to highlight is former members of the CMS Board of Education who have held the District 5 seat or At Large seats in years past.

I have known these individuals for many years and have long admired their integrity and their commitment to education.  I would especially like to thank the current occupant of the seat, Eric Davis, for his leadership and his belief in me to do this important work.

Eric Davis – Current District 5 representative

Molly Griffin – Former District 5 representative

John Lassiter – Former At Large representative

John Tate – Former At Large representative

William Rikard – Former At Large representative

Ward McKeithen — Former At Large representative

Join the list supporters by contacting me at info@margaretmarshallsforschoolboard.com

View the full list of current Endorsements here.

Campaign Update

August ushered in the season of forums, homeowners meetings, and meet and greets.

I have spoken with groups such as the Madison Park Homeowners, Sedgefield Homeowners, Black Political Caucus, and the Latin American Chamber of Commerce.

Meet and greets held in constituent homes have begun.  I have loved seeing old friends and new faces in neighborhoods such as Beverly Woods and Morrowick.

Message me at info@margaretmarshallforschoolboard.com to set up a morning or evening meet and greet in your home or for your PTA.  Visit my website to see Upcoming Events.

Getting My Name Out from Dilworth to Hwy 51!

My name isn’t on the ballot until November 7 (early voting starts October 19), but you can help me out by “shaking a sign” at the polls on Primary Day, September 12.

Sign up here on our Sign-up Genius link.

Join the team in a sign blitz on Saturday, September 16.  We will meet at 9a for instructions and a quick bite to eat and then head out to decorate District 5 with yard signs!

Contact me at info@margaretmarshallforschoolboard.com for details.

7 Actions to Bring Victory on Nov. 7

  1. Like my Facebook page and invite your friends to do the same. You’ll be able to keep up with the campaign and education news for D5 and like/comment/share content, all of which helps get my name and message in front of new people. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Get a yard sign for your yard and car magnets for your vehicles.
  3. Host a Meet and Greet, or invite me to speak at your PTA or Homeowners Association (HOA).
  4. Volunteer to help with the campaign.
  5. Make a Donation.
  6. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Good old fashioned word-of-mouth is still one of the best.
  7. Vote! Vote early (starts Oct. 19). Vote absentee. Vote on Nov. 7th. But please VOTE!

You can let me know about your interest in car magnets, yard signs, hosting a Meet and Greet, inviting me to speak at your PTA or HOA, and volunteering with the campaign through this easy, online Volunteer Form.

Thank you,

Margaret Marshall


Thanks for caring about the CMS schools in District 5. For more information about your voting district or to learn more about me, go to www.MargaretMarshallForSchoolBoard.com.
I am committed to using the deep knowledge I have gained over the years as a parent leader in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and as a community advocate for education to make a difference in District 5 and across CMS.
Please remember to vote on November 7!

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