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At the beginning of the campaign a couple of months ago, a friend said to me, “Margaret, you have got to talk about yourself more!”

Ok, Ok, I know that is what happens in a campaign.

In order to do that, how about I take you along on a journey of the non-profits I have worked with in Charlotte? I will share with you about some of the hundreds of incredible people working to do great things for our community and also tell you about my experiences.

First up is Heart Math Tutoring!

HEART tutoring began around 2010 as a way to pull volunteers to tutor into Title I schools in Charlotte. Recessionary cuts were in full swing and my fellow members of Social Venture Partners Charlotte​ were looking for a way to help.

Many of us had had previous experiences as tutors that weren’t very helpful to the students and teachers and weren’t very fulfilling for tutors. We knew that any program had to be professionally run, should use curriculum that doesn’t require any extra time for the teacher, and should address a real gap in learning that is experienced by students.

By partnering with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools​, UNC Charlotte​, and Communities In Schools-Charlotte , a model was developed that did all of these things! And HEART Math tutoring was born. We started at Bruns Academy​ and I was an original tutor. #TBT

The program has now expanded to 15 schools, with 750 tutors involved during the 2016-17 school year. I was a tutor at Bruns for 2 years and switched over to Winterfield Elementary​ for the last 5 years. My students have been delightful and rarely are absent. Teachers report that students involved in HEART not only gain confidence with their math skills, but become better communicators in class.

It has been so much fun to watch HEART grow. Lots of people have been doing the heavy lifting – Minna Elliott, Catherine Calcote Fischer​, Debbie Colabrese Kemmy​, Susan Daniel​, Anne Leggett, Reid Leggett​, and of course the amazing Executive Director, Emily Elliott​. The staff at HEART does fabulous work.

This has got to be one of the best run, most fun, and easiest way to volunteer in a CMS school. Sign up now to start the school year at  http://hearttutoring.org

You can learn more about my experience working in education and our community at here.



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