D5 Deep Dive in July

MM Going Strong

I hope your summer has given you the opportunity to take a deep dive into a lake or pool, or even the ocean. I have been doing some “deep diving” into CMS and District 5 schools. Here’s a recap of some of my meetings in July:

  • Clayton Wilcox – Dr. Wilcox and I discussed the complexities and passion around the assignment changes. My impression is that he is very committed to making the pairings at D5 schools as well as the changes to middle schools in 2019-20 work. He is involved in staffing changes at all the affected schools and is placing a high priority on getting information out to parents quickly. To view a sample time line on planning for the transitions for the year 2018-19 please click here.
  • Cotswold/Billingsville – My meeting with principal Alicia Hash at Cotswold confirmed that planning is well underway for the 2018-19 changes. Coordination of staff and logistics are being ironed out. Principal Hash looks forward to being able to schedule a day that is more suited to younger students at Billingsville and for the ability to really hone in on academic needs of older students at Cotswold. She plans to place staff at the schools where their skill sets match the needs of the students.
  • Dilworth/Sedgefield – Principal Terry Hall is also “way down the road” in preparing for 2018-19. Staffing and professional development are occurring already and a great team of parents are involved in making the process work. Principal Hall is also excited about planning for each group of students attending the paired schools – think science lab for 3-5th Both principals Hall and Hash are not losing site of the students entering school this August.
  • Sedgefield Middle – Principal Erik Turner is dealing with lots of transitions – in 2017-18 and beyond! With this year’s departure of the secondary Montessouri school from Sedgefield Middle there will be more space and time to devote to the students remaining on Sedgefield’s campus during the next two years. Planning has begun for the 2019-20 year and parents and community groups are raising their hands to be a part of the process.
  • Huntingtowne Farms – I enjoyed being part of the Y Readers Summer program on Huntingtowne’s campus this summer. Principal Carolyn Rodd has nearly half of her student body enrolled in some sort of summer learning loss prevention program. The payoff for this participation is real and I will be able to share the actual #’s when they are released. A little “hands in the air” moment for that school!



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