Car Magnets


Request a car magnet now through Aug. 31

to be entered for a drawing to win

a $200 DONATION made in YOUR NAME

to the PTA of any school in CMS you choose!


How it works:

  1.  Follow the link above to the Volunteer Form
  2.  Fill-in your contact information
  3.  Check the box for “Car Magnet,” along with any other items you are interested in!
  4.  When our team contacts you, just let us know where we can hand deliver your 4×6″ Margaret Marshall car magnet.
  5.  Put your magnet on your car.
  6.  Drive everywhere!  Just kidding. We have t-shirts and stickers, if you prefer to walk or ride your bicycle.
  7.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to help Margaret and the PTA of their choice!

** Giveaway is open to everyone in the Greater Charlotte Area, and the donation can go to any PTA in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

** The winner has the option to give the $200 donation to help start a PTA at a school that doesn’t have one.


Winner will be drawn on Friday – Sept. 1, 2017


MM Magnet and Money Give Away V2

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