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“I am here today to file for the District 5 seat on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board because I really believe that public schools are vital to the strength of our community, and I believe that every citizen in Mecklenburg County wants our public schools to succeed – whether they have children enrolled or not.

Before my children walked in the door at Sharon School, I had a PTA job. When they graduated from Myers Park High School, I stayed involved. I have walked the walk and talked the talk. For the past 20 years it has been a joy to work with parents, talented teachers, principals, and community partners to get CMS students ready for what comes next.

I want to take my experience as a tutor, PTA President, and Educational Foundation Founder and put it to work for District 5 and for the rest of CMS. I also know that we have what we need to improve schools right here – our parents, teachers, principals. We don’t need bureaucrats or out-of-state consultants.

My work is going to revolve around academic excellence. Front of mind will be the question, “Are the decisions we are making now pushing students forward and allowing them to achieve the academic results we as a community want them to achieve?” Quality programming and top-notch staffing are what every child in CMS deserves and I will work to make that happen, particularly in the schools that have seen assignment changes in District 5.

Working to promote expansion and funding of quality, early education programming is something I have already been at work doing. It doesn’t sound like a k-12 conversation, but it is. When children show up to kindergarten unprepared they often never catch up. We can’t produce students who are ready for 21st century jobs, if they can’t read and write adequately. Kindergarten readiness is one of the single biggest determinants of academic and life success, and I want our community to go all in to address it.

Getting students more aligned for those 21st century jobs is something I am very excited to be a part of. We are in the midst of exciting changes as to how career and technical training is addressed and delivered in CMS. Alignment of coursework with real life internships and training with UNCC and CPCC are going to allow our students to have quality job options upon graduation or to take their training to the head of the class at a four year institution.

This is a nonpartisan race and I am an unaffiliated candidate. My name will not show up on the Republican or Democratic voter guide that you are handed at the polls. I am going to have to get out and shake lots of hands and encourage the folks I have worked with over the years in education to tell my story.

CMS has many issues to address but many wonderful things are happening – in fact 147,000 of them are happening! I am excited to work for them as we get them ready for what comes next!

Thank you.”

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